Brussels supports organisers of green conferences such as G-STIC 2019

From 20-22 November 2019, Brussels is hosting G-STIC 2019, the global sustainable technology & innovation conference. This conference, to be held at Brussels Expo, aims at connecting technological innovation to decision making for sustainability.

Thierry van Eyll, business development expert at Convention Bureau thinks that ICT, sustainability and clean tech are to change the face of event management. He is more than happy that this type of event is taking place in Brussels: 'Sustainability is a priority for us all, and Brussels has proven experience and firmly established policies in social legacy, circular economy, soft mobility, sustainable food practices, and environmental certifications.'

Brussels wants to lead in competitiveness and environmental responsibility

That is why he calls on all organisers of similar events to choose Brussels. 'We will provide all kinds of advantages for these kind of events. By choosing Brussels, which is in the top 10 sustainable event destinations worldwide, you will be entitled to additional opportunities: our team of experts in ICT, sustainability and clean technologies will help facilitate the organisation of your event. Just follow the example of G-STIC in November 2019. Moreover, events with sustainable development goals are eligible for additional support, and growth programmes. Finally, we will connect you with relevant local professionals, ambassadors and influencers in your field to help you build your own local partnerships and attract delegates, sponsors and delegates.'

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