Zürich walks the sustainability talk

Are you looking for a smart destination that walks the sustainability talk for your next association meeting or convention? Then Zürich is the perfect city for you. It was ranked number one in last year's Arcadis Sustainable Cities Ranking, number two in the latest Mercer Quality of Living Ranking and number three in the Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDS). The city is home to one of the world's leading technical universities – ETH Zürich, currently number 8 in the QS World University Rankings (2016) – and is an inspiring hub for innovation in science and biotech, as well as for start-ups. No wonder that Google, IBM and many others have chosen this city as their second home.

Eco-friendly meetings

It all started in 2008, when the people of Zürich voted in favour of a 2000-watt society and thus the sustainable development of their city. This ambitious long-term goal is now part of the municipal code and Zürich is working hard to reduce its energy consumption and annual CO2 emissions, as well as to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. A wide variety of eco-friendly projects have been set up by both public and private initiatives, and the tourism sector and local hotel industry are also investing heavily in sustainability initiatives – from waste reduction and the use of fresh, local produce to incentive programs for eco-friendly meetings. This shared vision is the most effective way to become a smart destination.

Professional and relaxed

Zürich is not only ecologically smart, but also strong in terms of social performance, supplier performance and convention bureau performance (for more information, visit www.gds-index.com). What does this mean for your event? Zürich is safe, Zürich is clean, Zürich is efficient. The proximity of reliable urban infrastructure and refreshing natural surroundings makes a business event a professional but relaxed experience. Zürich is a convenient and cost-effective destination. For example, did you know that you can reach Zürich airport within 10 minutes using public transport? Or that 98.% of the city's hotels are easily accessible (within 30 minutes) by public transport from the convention and exhibition centers?

Zürich Tourism – which is certified as a sustainable enterprise (ISO) – and its partners take social and environmental responsibility seriously, and will ensure that your event does the same.


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